Last Thing With Eric Lusby

By Hounds PR |  5/10/13 1:09 PM

Last Thing With Eric Lusby

Hounds attack Eric Lusby lives and works in NYC, and today gives us a glimpse at everything from where he dines out, to what he's downloading, to the workouts that fuel those 2-point goals.

Tell us Eric, what was the last...

Vacation you took:

I went to Miami for the bump and grind lacrosse tournament. So you could call that a vacation.

Thing you cooked:

Chicken parm and pasta.

Song you downloaded:

Calvin Harris, “I need your love”

Movie you saw:


Thing you Googled:

I’m currently looking for a new apartment, so I Googled “NYC apartments and brokers.”

Picture you took:

The new custom Warrior gloves that Brine sent to me. 

Book you read:

“When I stop talking, you'll know I'm dead.” By Jerry Weintraub.

Gift you got:

A tie clip and V-neck T-shirt

Website you visited:

Restaurant you ate at:

Tao Restaurant

TV show you DVR'd:

I’m a big “Game of Thrones” fan.

Sporting event you attended as a fan:

I went to the Caps-Rangers Game 3 on Monday with my brother.

Concert you attended:

I went to Swedish House Mafia at the Barclays Center

Item of clothing you bought:

I needed a new fleece.

Workout you did:

I go to End Game Training and do cross fit workouts there three times a week.

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