Zippy Ice Player Spotlight: Brett Schmidt

By Hounds PR |  6/28/13 11:16 AM

Zippy Ice Player Spotlight: Brett Schmidt

The vast majority of Major League Lacrosse players work full-time jobs Monday through Friday, but that hardly means they treat their commitment to the league as a secondary gig. In order to play at the elite level required in the MLL, guys have to make training and preparation a 24/7/365 responsibility. In the first installment of the “Zippy Ice Player Spotlight,” Hounds defenseman Brett Schmidt talks about what gets him motivated to hit the field every Saturday during the summer.

During the week…

I work as an advisor for BB&T Wealth, and I’ve been with them almost two years now. My typical schedule is, I get in there about 8:00am and stay until 5:30 or 6:00pm on Monday through Friday. It ends up being a long week, especially when we travel on the weekends, but they’re pretty flexible so they let me fly out on Friday if we have to leave early.

My workouts leading up to gameday...

On Monday usually I’m still pretty sore from the game, but that’s always a heavy lift day, especially with legs, because I don’t want to be sore for the following week’s game. I try to get everything done early in the week and then rest Thursday and Friday. Monday would be gym, usually squats and a sprint workout, Tuesday will be back in the gym as well with an agility workout. Sometimes I play basketball with Casey Cittadino which is always fun and that’s a good way to get a long winded workout in during the week. Then Wednesday I start to turn it down, but I’m still in the gym for probably an hour and a half, and usually play some wall ball on Wednesday to make sure the stick’s right for the weekend. Wednesday I also get a massage from Candice Carpenter who’s our team masseuse. She’s been great and I think helping me stay injury free which has been a big help since early in the season. Thursday I usually just have my stick in my hand for a little bit, tend to relax, then Friday we have practice. So early in the week it’s really important for us to stay in shape, and to try -- as (Outlaws defenseman) Matt Bocklet calls it, I always see him tweet about it -- win the week.

I stay in touch with my teammates during the week by…

I see a few of the guys -- (Ryan) Flanagan, Cittadino and some of the front office guys at the Hounds -- I see them at our gym all week, Charlotte Athletic Club. Usually I talk to (Adam) Ghitelman once a week, whether that’s reflecting on the last week’s game or talking game plan for the next week’s game. We just spoke (Tuesday) about what we wanted to do matchup wise and just team game plan wise. Besides that, just staying active with the e-mail chain, seeing what’s going on, making sure everyone is staying active and getting ready for gameday.

My gameday routine consists of…

Not too much. I like to listen to my own iPod rather than the team music. It sort of gets me in the zone. Our trainers Crissi (Harrison) and Rebecca (Rich) help stretch me out a certain amount, there’s a certain stretch I like to do before a game and it’s been good luck so far so I continue to do it. And just get in the right state of mind. As long as I’ve prepared throughout the week I feel comfortable going in and I don’t have to do any crazy superstitions. It just takes me a really long time to get loose and warmed up so that’s the only thing I worry about.

My favorite teammate to room with is…

Ryan Young is always a hoot to stay with. He’s just a ball of energy, always positive, always having fun. Also Adam Ghitelman, he’s the same way. He’s come over before the last two home games and we watched film on Saturday and I made him dinner. Sort of a man date, but we watched film and talked about the game and talked about the scouting report and how we were gonna play that night. And that seemed to work. So I would say Ghitelman and Young are always great to stay with.

I enjoy playing in the MLL because…

Growing up I’ve always been competitive in everything I do. I turn everything into a competition. I enjoy that and the MLL is a great way to sort of let out some stress and just have fun. I really enjoy playing the game, and the fans are great. Charlotte has really accepted us as a team. I see myself playing for a long time, until I get too old that they’re gonna have to cut me. But until that point, I enjoy going out there every Saturday. I can’t imagine a summer without lacrosse.

The impact and influence of a home-field crowd is…

What I love about playing in Charlotte. I remember last year, I think it was the game we beat Chesapeake in (the final seconds) and then this past week where we beat Chesapeake again in overtime, the fans were great with the chants they start, you hear them cheering all game. When they get behind us, it really drives us to give that little extra effort. And that’s the home-field advantage. Everyone knows it’s tough to come down to Charlotte and play us here because mainly the fans. It’s just great to have the support that we have in this city.

Bouncing back from injury with extra motivation…

Last year was really tough for me, because personally I’d never had an injury. I missed one game in college with a minor injury and then coming out for training camp last year I tore my pectoral. But Dr. D’Alessandro at OrthoCarolina did a great job repairing that. I did (the surgery) on a Monday night, had it fixed by Thursday and stared the rehab process the following week. He got me back playing in 12 weeks, so I made it in some games last year, but didn’t play to the level I wanted. So I just took that as, I sort of had a chip on my shoulder I guess you could say. I just wanted to come out and prove myself.

When I do get some downtime I spend it…

Right now all my downtime is studying for the CFP, the certified financial planner test for my job. So I really don’t have much time to relax, but the hour or two I do during the week is usually spent catching up on stuff around the house -- cleaning, doing laundry. I don’t have that much free time, but I guess just relaxing, watching sports is a way I can escape a little bit. Sometimes it’s nice to watch other guys compete rather than compete myself.

To reach the postseason the Hounds need to…

Keep trusting in each other: defense, offense, trusting in faceoffs and Adam in the goal. Making sure that everyone is making the plays they should make, not trying to do too much. We have the skills that we can take in to the championship and win it, it’s just a matter of us meshing together and trusting each other to make the plays that we have to make. That comes along and I think we’ve done a lot better at it this year than last year. But it’s still a work in progress, and as we move forward that trust is going to build and it could take us, hopefully, to Championship Weekend and close out the season with the Steinfeld Trophy.

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